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The month of January is named after Janus the Roman god of doorways and gates, beginnings, and endings, making him the perfect deity to herald in the New Year. Janus was famous for his ability to turn one face to reflect upon the past and yet another face freshly pointed upon the future. This is so appropriate. January marks the new year for most of us humans. Janus is two-faced not because he gossiped about the other gods behind their backs, but because he calls us to look back on the past with reflection and forward with hope.

As we look back on 2020 we could say it was an “annus horribilis” dominated by Covid-19 and all sorts of disruptions in our everyday, church and family lives. Our “new normal” might seem “abnormal” to us as the disease and all the restrictions around it made 2020 a difficult year. However, also let’s remember in prayer all the friends, family and our church fellowship who have shared the last year with us and helped us to go through it reasonably well.

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Sharing God's Love in a practical way has always been our aim, whether that be overseas or in our local community. We support overseas mission projects via Commitment for Life and Nailsea Water Project. We also support Caring at Christmas, Children's Hospice South West and local community projects by raising funds through special events and offerings.

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Image of Rev'd John Gray 2014Dear Friends,
My name is Revd John Gray. I have been a URC minister to Nailsea URC since 2014. Prior to that I was a local minister to Horfield and Argyle Morley URCs only, and in 2014 Nailsea URC was added to the pastorate.

My theological training, upbringing and background is Calvinistic, or rather Presbyterian, however, today I could not “be boxed” into any theological platform and movement. Perhaps, I would like to be regarded as a Spirit-led, Bible-driven, Green thinking humble servant of God, who is yet quite confident in our team-work of pastoral, teaching and preaching ministry at Nailsea URC.

What's it all about?

Church Membership is the way in which Christians who have made their home in the local church are encouraged to express their commitment to that congregation of God’s people.

Who are they?

Well Church Members are not Super-Christians, just ordinary people who meet regularly to try and make sure that the continued life and witness of the church is in line with how God wants it to be. You can still be effective within the life of the church without being a member, but only members have a vote at Church Meeting, and are therefore the people who, as a body, make decisions.