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After a recent church Bible study, I was chatting with one of the church leaders about the enormous self-confidence, bordering on arrogance, of our children when it came to applying for a job. We agreed that in being Christians we had to demonstrate a certain amount of humility or self-deprecation.

As part of taking on the job of overseeing the three churches of Wrington URC, Winscombe Lynch Chapel and Nailsea URC we have been residing in the Manse in Wrington for the last three months. It is really good to be back living in the village where we had our shop for over twenty years and there are many familiar faces whenever we walk into the village centre. My wife Fi and I have got used to being apprehended by someone whom we vaguely recognise and who knew us as behind the counter in our Newsagents. I had booked a visit to the village pharmacy for my Covid and ‘Flu jabs and strolled to the Chemists a couple of days ago. The nurse called out my name and when I entered the small booth she asked me, ‘’Are you Tom Jewell’s Dad?’’ It turned out that she had been in the same class at school as our son: it has been a long time since I had been recognised just as his father!

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Sharing God's Love in a practical way has always been our aim, whether that be overseas or in our local community. We support overseas mission projects via Commitment for Life. We also support Caring at Christmas, Children's Hospice South West, St Peter's Hospice, Nailsea Food Bank and other local community projects by raising funds through special events and offerings.

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What's it all about?

Church Membership is the way in which Christians who have made their home in the local church are encouraged to express their commitment to that congregation of God’s people.

Who are they?

Well Church Members are not Super-Christians, just ordinary people who meet regularly to try and make sure that the continued life and witness of the church is in line with how God wants it to be. You can still be effective within the life of the church without being a member, but only members have a vote at Church Meeting, and are therefore the people who, as a body, make decisions.

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We are committed to providing a safe and happy environment for children at Nailsea United Reformed Church. We adhere to the United Reform Churches Guidelines for protecting children and national standards for checking and vetting all those who work with children or vulnerable adults.

If you would like more information about our policies and procedures please contact our secretary: Mrs S Edmondson
email: [email protected]