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I can feel fairly confident that there have been times when you have been out for a ramble when you have found yourself surrounded by high hedges or experienced a similar feeling of claustrophobia walking through a field of maize just before it is cut. There is that feeling that anything might be lurking in their dark places!

In that strange but wise book in the Bible, Ecclesiastes, King Solomon writes in chapter ten verse eight: ‘’Whoever breaks a hedge shall be bitten by a serpent’’. You may be thinking that may be practical advice, but how is it applicable to me? As you know, hedges are put around gardens and fields to protect the area they enclose, they are there to keep secure that which is precious to you whether it is a cat, a tortoise or a cow!

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Sharing God's Love in a practical way has always been our aim, whether that be overseas or in our local community. We support overseas mission projects via Commitment for Life. We also support Caring at Christmas, Children's Hospice South West, St Peter's Hospice, Nailsea Food Bank and other local community projects by raising funds through special events and offerings.

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What's it all about?

Church Membership is the way in which Christians who have made their home in the local church are encouraged to express their commitment to that congregation of God’s people.

Who are they?

Well Church Members are not Super-Christians, just ordinary people who meet regularly to try and make sure that the continued life and witness of the church is in line with how God wants it to be. You can still be effective within the life of the church without being a member, but only members have a vote at Church Meeting, and are therefore the people who, as a body, make decisions.

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We are committed to providing a safe and happy environment for children at Nailsea United Reformed Church. We adhere to the United Reform Churches Guidelines for protecting children and national standards for checking and vetting all those who work with children or vulnerable adults.

If you would like more information about our policies and procedures please contact our secretary: Mrs S Edmondson
email: [email protected]