Image of Rev'd John Gray 2014Dear Friends,
My name is Revd John Gray. I have been a URC minister to Nailsea URC since 2014. Prior to that I was a local minister to Horfield and Argyle Morley URCs only, and in 2014 Nailsea URC was added to the pastorate.

My theological training, upbringing and background is Calvinistic, or rather Presbyterian, however, today I could not “be boxed” into any theological platform and movement. Perhaps, I would like to be regarded as a Spirit-led, Bible-driven, Green thinking humble servant of God, who is yet quite confident in our team-work of pastoral, teaching and preaching ministry at Nailsea URC.

Because, by the grace of God, there is a lot to be proud of at church. After 6 years of continuous service to this church I am still impressed how caring and loving our church fellowship is. It is my prayer that we grow not only in spirit but in numbers as well. Although during this Coronavirus spread our church activities are very limited at the moment, services are still suspended, but our enthusiasm towards the Lord’s work in our neighbourhood, to our community and church family remains very strong and alive. When the pandemic is over, we will come back to the church singing in a way that the roof will certainly be raised.

Take care, stay safe and God bless,

Rev.d John Gray


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