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At the time of writing this letter it is unknown when and how we can resume church services, activities, gatherings and let out the premises again. It needs careful deliberation and wise planning to adapt to the government’s and the URC’s “New Normal”. How could we comply with social distancing, rigorous cleaning regimes after each gathering, keep services without singing, hugging, handshaking, fellowship without tea, coffee and biscuits? These are important questions. Because of their complexity and the difficulty of the situation the Elders have decided not to reopen the Church for at least another month. Although 4th July is a sort of “Independence Day” for Britain, it is still a sort of. Science often clashes with the economy regarding what is safe to do and what is not profitable to do. Your safety is paramount for us Elders and Minister. In addition, it seems we need to use our common sense to manage everyday and church life in our community, which consists mostly of people aged over 70. Using our common sense, however, is not a bad thing. Contrary, it is one of the good things that Covid-19 gave us. There are many (please think of the positive effect of the lock down on the environment e.g.).

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Sharing God's Love in a practical way has always been our aim, whether that be overseas or in our local community. We support overseas mission projects via Commitment for Life and Nailsea Water Project. We also support Caring at Christmas, Children's Hospice South West and local community projects by raising funds through special events and offerings.

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Induction Rev.d Janos Nagy

Dear Friends,
I am John, a Hungarian and British national who moved to England with my family 12 years ago. In 2002 I had a transfer from the UCC, Calvin Synod, USA to the British URC. Prior to that, I served in the Hungarian Reformed Church as a local church minister, a part time teacher and an editor for a church publishing house.

Since May 2002, I have served at Horfield and Argyle Morley URCs in Bristol, and I am still their minister, so they must be a very patient people!

What's it all about?

Church Membership is the way in which Christians who have made their home in the local church are encouraged to express their commitment to that congregation of God’s people.

Who are they?

Well Church Members are not Super-Christians, just ordinary people who meet regularly to try and make sure that the continued life and witness of the church is in line with how God wants it to be. You can still be effective within the life of the church without being a member, but only members have a vote at Church Meeting, and are therefore the people who, as a body, make decisions.